Bespoke House and Land Packages

Homeownership is a big step in life and we have the perfect package ready for you. Our professional agents will guide you through the planning, development and building stages to ensure that you really Love This House. Before speaking to one of our agents, you can use our advanced search tool to find the location and type of house and land packages available to you – this will also help us prepare the right package catered to your needs. With the wide variety of locations and display homes, we guarantee you’ll be screaming “I love this house!” through every step of the process.

Choosing a Location

At Love This House, we ensure that our selected locations are selected and offered upon four key aspects. The most important is comfort, convenience, safety & security and finally that the land works within your budget. Thanks to our house and land search tool, you can find all this information all in one convenient location. We work together with you from start to finish. Make sure your package meets your needs; our search tool provides accurate detail of what types of houses should be built on the selected land.

Display Homes

Sorting through our display homes is quick and simple once we determine your needs. We have made discovering new home designs and styles as easy as possible by filtering out the house builds that do not fit on the selected land. All the house selections you see available for the plot of land have already been designed and tailored to that specific type of land – we have you covered. It’s as easy as selecting the display home you want and the builder you want in operation of the development and building process.

Trying to keep track of all these processes can be a bit overwhelming. Come in and speak with one of our professional agents and let us guide you through each process step by step. We believe it’s important to keep your needs and preferences in mind when choosing your house packages. For example: Will you need extra yard space for family pets, will rooms and living space be sufficient for small or large families.

Begin Building Today

Once you have found the right house and land package for you, we will help get the building process started quickly and efficiently. We have a number of builders who complete all our display homes to a high quality standard. See our list of Builders here. If you’re still unsure about what type of land or house you’re looking for, you can always browse through our selection of packages using our search tool or make any enquiry into our house and land packages.