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Whether you’re a first-home buyer, young family or large family with pets, looking for the right home can be difficult. At Love This House we take pride in providing Australian families with the best display homes. We shape our understanding of the perfect home for you by understanding your needs. Using our advanced search tool you can find the perfect location and home straight away!

About Our Display Homes

Home design is a fun and exciting process, we choose to use Australian builders who incorporate great Australian values into their building and display styles. With up to 40 years of experience building and working with families of all types, our display homes are made to suit any lifestyle. Browse through our latest selection of display homes now and our friendly agents will help you understand all the inclusions you can choose to have with your new home!

Choosing the Right Location!

What’s more important than choosing the home itself? Location! We provide land for sale all across New South Walers, Queensland and Victoria. When considering what the right home design is for you, you should first think about the space needed for you and your family. Will you need extra space for family pets? Or will there be less yard space to make room for a larger house? Select your location & land size and our tool will find the most suitable home design for you.

Your Builder

Depending on the display home you have chosen you will have a builder assess and plan the building process for you. To make things easier, we can connect you with your developer, agent and builder so you can have a better understanding of the entire process. Each builder provides unique and different home design so we recommend getting to know your builder so you can be a part of the process as much as possible.

Designed to Suit You

With each builder brings a new style and design for your new home. Selecting the right builder will ensure that you are building a home that truly represents you and your lifestyle. Find the right home design that suits your needs and our tool will sort through the various builders available to build your new home. For other enquiries regarding our display homes, speak to our professional agents today.