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Innovating Real Estate Search Tools

What We Do

Love This House is innovating the ways in which real estate search tools allow you to piece together the perfect house and land packages. Our advanced search tool is the only one of its kind, using our tool you can map out the exact lot size of your land with your desired home design.

You can measure the perimeter of the property and get an accurate image to scale of your house size. Just by searching with our tool you will know intricate details such as the distance from your front door to the foot path.

Find Appropriate Locations

Home lifestyle is a key factor when choosing your new location. If you’re not searching for any type of package in particular, you can find locations with land for sale. We can help find locations with easy access to public services such as schools, hospitals and shopping.

Professional Real Estate Agents

We employ professional real estate agents with years of experience. You can either come in for a face to face consultation or over the phone. Most importantly, we always make sure to find the best possible solution for you.

Keeping your preferences in mind, we create the best house and land package to suit your needs. Find a real estate agent today and start building the house of your dreams!

Find The Right Builder

Love This House partners with a range of professional builders with up to 40 years of experience building the perfect family homes. Many of the builders we work with employ deep values of providing quality foundations to support & sustain Australian families whether they’re young, small or large.

We can take you through each builder’s portfolio to give you better feel of the range of styles available to you. Above all, we want you to find the one that makes you say “I love this house!”. Once you find the right builder for you, we’ll connect you and keep you in the communication process.