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Looking for Land?

Finding The Perfect Lot:

“Location, location, location”, you’ll hear this endlessly throughout your exciting search for a new home. Land location cannot be over exaggerated! We cater land packages for your family, whether you’re a young family looking for more space or a first home buyer, location and the size of the land will contribute significantly to the value of the land.

Finding the perfect lot of land can be as simple as a click – use our advanced search tool to find the right lot of land to suit your needs. Are you seeking a specific suburb or location for your new home? Our search tool will list available land for sale within New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland.

Are you looking for additional yard space to keep family pets entertained? Better yet, a local park across the street, our search tool will help map out services in the area. This includes supermarkets, schools, medical services and public transport systems as well as other land for sale in the same proximity.

Size and shape

We have a variety of land sales in different shapes and sizes available for purchase. The most common blocks of land are anywhere between a minimum of 300sqm and 600sqm – this is especially common for suburban blocks. Use our search tool to find land for sale using your preferred land dimensions.

The shape of the block is also an important factor as it affects the house designs available to choose from. Housing blocks are generally rectangular but can also be triangular. Triangular blocks are unique and limit house designs significantly.

Before You Buy

Use our advanced search tool and consult our professional agents so you can have complete confidence in the land you are looking to purchase. Our search tool maps out the dimensions of the land with selected house styles on it more accurately than any other search tool.

Find land for sale near me today.